Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mike Pelfrey: Does One Bad Inning Make A Season?

As you're watching the spring training game between the Mets and Atlanta Braves on Monday, you see the Opening Day starter for the New York Mets in one of his grooves. Mike Pelfrey was pitching very well – until...

Well, the fourth inning came. That's when Pelfrey got peppered by Atlanta for 7 runs. Hard hit ball, after hard hit ball. It always seems to be that one bad inning with Mike that does him in. If he's going to be considered a true ace, and considered among the elite pitchers of the National League, consistency will be a huge factor, where the Big Pelf is concerned.

You're beginning to think that the time is now or never for Mike Pelfrey. In five Major League seasons, Pelfrey has a record of 45-43. That does not instill a lot of confidence as the #1 starter, if you are a Mets fan. On the bright side, Pelfrey won 15 games for the first time last season, which shows a tremendous sign of progress. Last year, Mike set career highs in strikeouts, wins, and innings pitched. Let's hope that trend continues upward.

David Wright – who has been one of Pelfrey's biggest supporters, will be counted on heavily to keep the big guy focused, when things start to melt down. We will also see if pitching coach Dan Warthen can keep his improvement in a positive direction.

It may be a long shot to say that the Mets will go as far as Pelfrey does. After all, this team needs a lot of things to come together, in order to make any type of run at a National League playoff spot. However, with Johan Santana on the shelf, all eyes will be on #34. It's time for Mike Pelfrey to come of age. Let the Bar Mitzvah begin.

Korbid Thompson can also be found at the Bleacher Report, and the New York Mets Audio Minute on Lexy.

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